Mom & You Clothing Resellers Policy

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reseller for Mom & You Clothing. We are excited to partner with you to bring our stylish and quality clothing to a broader audience. Please carefully review the following terms and conditions for our resellers:

  1. Reseller Registration:
  • To become an authorized reseller, you are required to register with Mom & You Clothing.
  • A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 10,000 is applicable.
  1. Wallet System:
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive a wallet credit of Rs. 10,000, which must be utilized within 6 months from the date of registration.
  • The wallet credit is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  1. Product Supply:
  • Mom & You Clothing will supply suits to resellers in a broadcast fashion, based on availability and popular demand.
  • The supplied suits will be provided at a dealer price, which is 10-15% less than the Manufacturer's Suggested Price (MSP).
  1. Dealer Price and MSP:
  • The Dealer Price is the amount you pay to Mom & You Clothing for each suit.
  • The MSP (Manufacturer's Suggested Price) is the recommended selling price for each suit.
  1. Marketing and Branding:
  • Resellers are encouraged to market and sell Mom & You Clothing products under the brand's guidelines.
  • Any additional promotional materials or marketing campaigns must be approved by Mom & You Clothing in advance.
  1. Returns and Exchanges:
  • Returns and exchanges are subject to Mom & You Clothing's standard policies, which will be provided upon registration.
  1. Termination:
  • Either party may terminate this agreement with a 30-day written notice.
  • Mom & You Clothing reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately in case of breach of terms.

By registering as a Mom & You Clothing reseller, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

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